Abrolhos Islands Scenic Flights

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Scenic Flights

Abrolhos Islands Flights

Made up of 122 islands surrounded by coral reef communities, The Abrolhos Islands represent on of the most unique marine areas in Western Australia. The islands are made up of three main groups – the Wallabi Group, Easter Group and Pelsaert Group. These extend from north to south across 100 kilometres of ocean. From bottlenose dolphins and Australian sea lions to countless numbers of fish and over 90 species of seabirds, this area is teeming with life.

At JFC, we offer scenic charter flights to the Abrolhos Islands and other beautiful destinations in Western Australia from the Kalbarri Gorges to Rottnest Island. Our experienced team has 22 years of experience providing quality scenic flights and air charter services with our main operational bases located in Perth and Darwin.

Experience Stunning Views From Above

Take in the beauty from above by boarding a scenic flight to the Abrolhos Islands. From the sky the coral reefs and islands form an unforgettably stunning abstract of green and blue colours. On clear days you can spot whales and dolphins and during the lobster season, you’ll some of the magnificent vessels that make up the lobster fishing fleet.

Perfect for Snorkelling and Diving

The Abrolhos Islands are an undiscovered underwater paradise, boasting world-class snorkelling and diving sites. The crystal clear turquoise water provides incredible visibility. The extensive coral reef system and the warm southerly current creates an environment perfect for both tropical and temperate marine life. The coral formation, density and colours are amazing to behold. The beautiful but treacherous reef-surrounded atolls have claimed many wrecks over the years, something you can also explore.

Contact JFC Today for Scenic Abrolhos Islands Flights

Ready for your next adventure? Contact JFC today to book your scenic flights to the Abrolhos Islands. We offer a variety of aviation services including flight training, air charter, scenic flights and air freight services. JFC is an Australian family owned company which started operations as a husband and wife team and operates throughout Australia and as far afield as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

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